This week StarGate won the the Norwegian Grammy award for “International Success of the year” from Music Norway. The award involved a prize of 100,000 NOK to benefit up and coming talent. StarGate in return gave the money to LIMPI as a travel stipend to enable three students to travel to LA to further develop their music careers. In addition each student will get a full week of studio time in StarGates studio in Los Angeles this fall.


The process of picking the winners was a very tough job, as everyone who attended LIMPI this year was extremely talented. In fact it was such a tough job, that StarGate chose to include two more winners at their own expense. So this year we have five LIMPI Alumni receiving the grant. 


Each student will receive;

  • A week of studio time at StarGates fantastic Stellar House in Venice Beach.
  • 33 000 NOK to cover flights to Los Angeles and accommodation for the period.


“When we formed StarGate 20 years ago, we had people believing in us and giving us a chance. We would like to pass this stipend on to people who have already committed to a career in music, in order to provide that same helping hand to upcoming talent. Therefore we chose to give this travel stipend and studio time in LA to five graduates from LIMPI".


Tor Hermansen 


Mikkel & Tor from StarGate receiving the award from the Crown Prince of Norway.


We at LIMPI are very honored to receive this prize from StarGate and Music Norway. This kind of opportunity following a year at LIMPI completely aligns with our ambition to be the place where careers begin. 


Here are the winners of the 2019 LIMPI Ambassador Grant:


Fredrik Anstensen

A humble guy making music that demands your attention. Fredrik has been a part of many of the most interesting songs this year. He has impressed with magical guitar parts, overall great taste and the ability to fit in wherever the song needs him, whether it be a melody, lyrics or track.


Therese Knopp

Therese is a rare talent that has had a transformative year at LIMPI. She has now emerged as a confident artist with unique melodic sensibility and an undeniable voice. An uncompromising artist taking charge of her own story and making music for all the right reasons. We are excited to see what the future holds for Therese.


Eirik Gjendemsjø

Eirik has made the absolute most of his LIMPI adventure. Every task and opportunity has been grabbed with both hands. The studio has been his home, day and night through the year and we have seen his ambition grow along with his song catalogue. Over 100 songs later, he is now getting ready to move to LA with his team Orange Villa Collective. 


Manon Van Dijk

Producers like Manon don’t come along very often. She brings youthful energy, bold sonics and highly developed instincts to her work. Being an 18 year old female producer, she’s also a role model for a new generation of music makers. Manon has a shrewd business mind, a strong drive, and we’re confident she will be making her mark on music in the years to come.


Kasperi Pitkanen

This funky Finn is a positive force in every room he enters. He is capable of giving the production exactly what it needs, regardless of genre and always makes sure the song wins in the end. His overall vibe, attention to detail and work ethic makes him a highly sought after collaborator.