What is Limpi?

Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries offers the music education program Advanced one-year program in Professional Music Production and International Music Industries. At Limpi we don’t prepare you for the real world – we bring the real world into the classroom.

Why we created Limpi

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The vision behind Limpi was to create something we wish existed when we started our own careers.

Music education today is often synonymous with three to four years in school, with an emphasis on theory and classroom teaching. This creates a workflow vastly different from how things are done in the real world. Time is spent studying instead of creating, and the teachers rarely have active music industry careers. Limpi was founded to turn this model upside down.

We decided to do everything in one intense year, focusing on daily music production, under the guidance of professionals who are living examples of what the students aspire to. We thought; what if the music industry itself took charge in educating and nurturing the next generation music makers, actually working on real life examples, instead of pretending. What happens if the hit makers of today meet up weekly with the worlds leading new talent, creating music together.

Many students have a “now what?” moment after years of music school. With Limpi we have moved the music business into the classroom, so the door to the real world is open from day one.


Below you’ll find all the information you’ll need. If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll get back to you swiftly, that’s a promise!

Can you tell me more about the program?

The program "Professional Music Production and International Music Industry" consists of the common subjects: Introduction to professional music production and international music industry, practical production 1 and 2, and !TheChallenge!. The specialization subjects that you can immerse yourself in are songwriter, artist and producer. Or all of the above. The course has a total of 40 credits, where the specialization subjects make up 20 of those credits.

The projects at LIMPI fall within two categories: 1. Co-producing music, aiming towards commercial release. We believe that cooperation is essential for a successful career. You will work with other students who complement your talent. 2. Experimental tasks that inspire creativity and shape the music. New projects in both categories will be given weekly, with real cases from the industry and alternative approaches. Mondays and Tuesdays are reserved for workshops with the mentors. The workshops are in depth and provide you with tailored working tools. From Wednesday to Friday you will have time to immerse in your own projects, supported by relevant teachers. There will also be sessions that inspire the ongoing tasks.

At LIMPI we combine productions, practical exercises, lectures, workshops, case assignments, individual work, masterclasses, professional counseling individually and in team, mentor and career guidance and plenary evaluations.

LIMPI has fully equipped writing rooms and production facilities. We expect you to bring your own laptop or tablet for use during individual work. It is optional to bring your own home studio as well if you want to.

The year is intensely laid out. The goal is for you to get used to the working methods and standards of the industry, and to develop the pace that is required. There will be continuous work with either teamwork or individual practice. You must expect to work a lot on an individual basis, but also under supervision.

At LIMPI you will be organized in interdisciplinary shifting teams with a songwriter talent, an artist talent and a producer talent in each team. The teams develop a musical idea from sketch to finished product. The product is conveyed and promoted in real channels. That way the you will be trained in contributing to a comprehensive production, while the genre variation gives the you the opportunity to gain a broad experience with different genre expressions.

The main subjects are music production and the international music industry. Music production is the process from idea / sketch and songwriting, to arranging, recording and final mastering of a piece of music. The area includes techniques, tools and working methods in a music production. In addition, we put emphasis on role understanding, genre understanding and production professionalization and final adjustments. International music industry - the market and the players. This area includes changes in and characteristics of the international music industry. Themes such as distribution channels and platforms, rights legislation, market understanding and the possibilities that digitization provide for music creators worldwide. The program also places great emphasis on new thinking and entrepreneurship.

Practical productions that reflect real market production are crucial in the study. As a student you will develop several productions from idea to finished product, which will be performed and promoted in real channels such as radio and digital channels – nationally and internationally. The purpose is for you to develop an engine consisting of the production skills, the ability to cooperate in shifting teams and the working capacity needed to work professionally in the international music industry.

Yes, that is what we are aiming for, especially during the second semester.

All teaching and supervision will be in English. Throughout the application process, you must document an English level sufficient to complete the program.

The program uses several exam forms, such as individual reflection assignments, audiovisual production, and submission of production / folder.

The mentor role is central to the program at LIMPI. You will receive follow-up and guidance from the mentors throughout the year, as an integrated part of the study program. Every other week, you will meet one of the mentors (depending on the ongoing project) for individual follow-up, but also other professionals associated with LIMPI. The mentors will also be involved in group guidance, which is equally important.

Rather than focusing on exchange programs, we focus on giving you the best input and guidance at LIMPI. That includes guest lectures from some of the most skilled music professionals in the industry during the year.

LIMPI´s partners are some of the most experienced and reputable producers and publishers in the music industry. At LIMPI you will get to work closely with these people, while dedicating to develop your music. Through custom-made mentoring programs, both students and mentors work towards a common goal; turning talents into stars. We work hard for you to finish the year with a career waiting the second you walk out the door, if not already during the program. At the same time, we provide you with the required tools to become part of tomorrow’s music industry, additionally focusing on entrepreneurship.

What about the money side of things?

The year at LIMPI is a time-efficient investment in a professional future within the music industry, and the tuition fee at NOK 190,000* covers the entire education, including optional courses and studio time. *Amount given is approximate and is subject to currency changes.

The fee covers the entire education, including optional courses. You will have to cover housing and living expenses in addition to the tuition fee.

The program is approved by the Lånekassen and students with a Norwegian citizenship can apply for loans and scholarships. At lanekassen.no you will find information about requirements and conditions for applying. To get a loan and / or scholarship, you must accept your offered place at LIMPI. After accepting you can apply immediately. As a rule, you must be a Norwegian citizen for support from Lånekassen. Foreign nationals can receive support for education in Norway if they meet certain conditions.


Tell me more about Lillehammer!

LIMPI is located in Lillehammer, more specifically in the city centre by the pedestrian street, Storgata, with shops, cafes and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Yes. Students at LIMPI can apply for a student residence through the Student Association in Innlandet.

Lillehammer is a student city with nearly 5000 students attached to Høgskolen i Innlandet, The Norwegian Film School and the Department of Television Education. The infrastucture connected to Gardermoen and Oslo makes it easy to get around. The city has a vitality in cultural industries that you will usually only find in significantly larger cities. At the same time it is close to beautiful nature with high mountains and lush landscapes, where creative souls can bring inspiration in tranquil surroundings to work on what matters most: music.

How can I apply?

Great! You are applying to Limpi as a school, and not one of the different production roles. So that is no problem. Just apply, and when you first get here you will have the opportunity to focus on all three skills that you want to develop further.

You can apply for studies at LIMPI with a bachelor's degree in executive music, music production, music management, an equivalent degree or music-related subjects. However, we also encourage talents with real passion and practical experience to apply, as education does not necessarily define your skills. You may be admitted on the basis of individual assessment if you do not have any of the degrees mentioned above. Since all instruction and guidance is in English, applicants must throughout the process also document an English level sufficient to complete the program.

Admission is announced on the school website on 10 January 2018, and application is made via the website. Application deadline is 15 March. Current candidates are called for an interview to be conducted in April. MÅ OPPDATERES

You will need one (or more) song(s) you have participated in making, picture, resume, CV in English and diploma or academic transcript from their bachelor's degree.

Yes, applicants with no bachelor degree can be considered. All other documents (CV, any other diploma, picture, and song) must be submitted.

All submissions are considered collectively by the recording committee. The admission committee consists of professionals associated with LIMPI as well as the principal. When considering the applications, the admission committee uses a set of defined assessment criteria. These criteria are required musical and professional skill level to complete the program, personal maturity, ability to reflect and awareness about goals and own careers. Each criterion is evaluated according to the LIMPI rating scale. In addition, applicants' diplomas from bachelor's degrees are evaluated.

How can I apply?How can I apply?How can I apply?How can I apply?

How can I apply?

About Limpi

LIMPI takes 48 students each year on the program "Advanced one-year program in professional music production and international music industries".

LIMPI offers international advanced education in professional music production and international music industry, where motivated music talent both gain a unique insight into and a taste of the music industry. The study reflects an international environment where people with different nationalities work together.

Yes! One year at the professional music production and international music industry at LIMPI provides 60 credits and is approved by NOKUT.

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